Custom Booths

Temporary tradeshow structures

Our staff of expert craftsmen can design and build tradeshow booths, entrance units, registration booths, Internet kiosks, and directionals to suit the unique needs of your organization and your venue. The structures listed here represent only a sampling of what we can produce. Contact us to find out how we can work with you.

Tradeshow Booths

From simple 10 x 10 booths to large island centerpiece displays, we have options to fit your logistical requirements and your budget.

Internet Kiosks

A great value added for exhibitors and attendees, Internet Kiosks provide an opportunity sponsorship.

Entrance Units

Turn ordinary tradeshow hall doorways . In busy convention centers with several shows happening at once, a good entrance unit marks your territory, guides your attendees, and brands your association.

Registration Counters

Usually the first point of contact for exhibitors and attendees, registration counters brand your event and mark the path to the exhibition hall.

Other Structures

From directionals, to information kiosks, and self registration, we can also make a custom structure for any requirement.